Local Ingredients. Freshly Prepared.

Celebrate the Placer Grown Farm-to-Fork movement with a delicious meal at one of our fabulous Roseville restaurants. The farm-to-fork movement is gaining exponential popularity due to its successful reuniting of food producers and consumers but few places on earth have better farms. From the fabulous wineries on the Placer Wine Trail, representing 1,244 farms and 19 award-winning wineries, Placer County has the freshest food in the world.

Photo is Denio's Farmers Market & Auction

The 5 Best Things You Can Find at a Roseville Bakery

The croissant is just about the Frenchiest thing out there. But (fact check!) the concept was actually born in Austria, under the name "kipferl." The recipe was adapted and adopted by the French, where it arguably came into its own.
An eclair is a long, thin cylinder of choux pastry (a light dough) filled with pastry cream and topped with icing.
A macaron is simply a meringue-like cookie made with ground nuts. However, as the legend goes, some brilliant person at Ladurée in Paris had the idea to sandwich two of them together with rich cream or ganache, and a classic was born.
The tart tatin  is an apple tart that's baked, pastry-side up, and then flipped before serving, so the gooey butter and sugar drip onto the fruit.
The opera cake is composed of thin layers of cake that are soaked in a coffee syrup and then layered with coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache. 

Placer County Wine & Ale Trail

With 20 wineries and counting, Placer County has re-embraced its heritage as a viable California wine-producing region. Located in the Sierra Foothills American Viticultural Area (AVA), Placer County wineries offer a refreshing change from the more commercialized and less personal wine tasting experiences of larger wine regions. Most Placer wineries are family-owned and operated, have small vineyards and the winemakers themselves are part of the charm, making Placer County a newly sought-after destination for a more personalized and unique wine-tasting experience. Due to the favorable nature of the climate and soil, you’ll find a diverse array of varieties, especially those of Italian, Iberian and Rhône origins.

Ranging in style from the traditional brewpub model to the cutting-edge “farm brewery”, Placer County has 12 unique and award-winning craft breweries to visit and enjoy.